Should You Buy a New or Used Mobile Home?

buy used mobile home or new?
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If you’ve decided to adopt the mobile home lifestyle, you’re already well on your way to happy, low-maintenance living, but there are still a few things to consider. Do you want to live in a community, or on private land? And do you want to purchase a used mobile home or buy a brand-new home? 

The Pros and Cons of New vs Used Mobile Homes

Today, we’re going to revisit some mobile home pros and cons to help ensure that you have all the details before you settle on a new or used mobile home.

Buying New

If the budget isn’t the biggest concern on your list, then purchasing a new factory-built home is definitely worth your consideration. With a new model, you get more control of the home’s design, layout, and final location, but it will come at a cost.

Pro #1: Customization

Buying new means that you get to completely customize your mobile home. The design, finishes, and layout of your mobile home will be handpicked by you and nobody else, ensuring total satisfaction.

Pro #2: Park Selection

When you buy new, you have a lot of community options to choose from. You can be very selective when exploring mobile home parks, as long as they have available space for your home. By eliminating focus on the home itself, you can pick a park with the ideal amenities for your lifestyle, including pools, nature and social activities.

Pro #3: Less Maintenance

In theory, a fresh-from-the-factory home will have newer, nicer finishes that are less likely to break or need attention. It should also have more eco-friendly features, such as energy-efficient windows and doors, insulated skirting, a geothermal heat pump, or solar power, for instance.

Con #1: Cost

Naturally, purchasing a new mobile home will cost you more than buying an existing home from a private seller. If budget is your primary concern, you may get more for your money buying used.

Con #2: More Complex

Purchasing a brand-new mobile home means more decisions to make and more plans to secure. You’ll have to figure out what amenities and upgrades to embrace, as well as decide on the park where you’ll be living.

Buy used mobile home or new
Photo courtesy of Zeman Homes.

Buying Used

By and large, you’ll get more for your money when you decide to settle into a pre-owned mobile home. However, there are a few trade-offs to consider, such as the fact that you may have to compromise on the community and make a few home repairs along the way.

Pro #1: More Affordable

The average cost of a mobile home is $57,022 for a single-wide and $102,551 for a double-wide. When you explore our used mobile homes for sale, you’ll immediately see that there are many double-wide options ringing up for around and under $50,000, stretching your budget further. 

Pro #2: A Turnkey Experience

Buying a used mobile home means you’re investing in the entire package, including the home, the mobile home park, and the lot. That means a lot less work for you. Often, the experience is as easy as making the purchase and moving in, with few hidden fees.

Pro #3: More Financing Options

Many mobile home communities today offer what’s known as owner/seller financing, which allows the previous owner or the park to work out purchase terms with the buyer outside of a bank or credit union. This could be a good option for buyers with bad credit.

Con #1: Maintenance and Repairs

With a turnkey experience, of course, comes a little extra maintenance and perhaps opportunities for some repairs. Unlike with a brand-new factory-built home, your used mobile home won’t come with any manufacturer guarantee or warranty to cover unexpected issues.

Con #2: It May Not Be Up to Code

If you’re going to buy used, we recommend buying only used homes built after the passage of the 1976 Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (often referred to as the HUD Code). If you’re buying an old mobile home built before 1976, it was built without the stringent regulations that exist today. This may mean lower quality and some risks associated with safety.

Your Partner in Mobile Home Purchasing

Ready to make the move? MHVillage is your partner in purchasing new and used mobile homes. Be sure to explore our inventory of used mobile homes for sale or, if you prefer to start with a new home search, browse our selection of mobile home floor plans. No matter which option you choose, we’ll be here to guide you through the entire process.

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