5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Boost Mobile Home Curb Appeal

Home exterior mobile home curb appeal

Home is a source of pride and joy, and when it’s time to sell your mobile home or manufactured house, the art of the draw comes into play — draw for buyers, that is. When renting or selling your mobile home, a little maintenance goes a long way. And increasing your mobile home curb appeal doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. 

Here are a few budget-friendly ways to boost curb appeal and charm those would-be buyers.

1. Porch Swing or Rocker

porch swing mobile home curb appealWell, you’ve always wanted one, and now is a good excuse to install a swing or get a couple of rockers for your front porch. That “homey” feeling goes a long way toward attracting customers to the idea of manufactured home living. Create a relaxing picture so they can envision themselves in this kind of easy, simple-maintenance type of life. If you don’t have a front porch, lay out some lawn chairs and tables around the entryways. 

An outdoor deck is a perfect setting for stargazing and enjoying the sounds of the seasons. Adding a deck at this stage of the game may seem impractical, but you’ll increase the value of your manufactured home. It’s also the perfect place for a swing.

2. Doors and Siding

Is your home in good shape? Be honest: Underestimating maintenance needs could end up costing you when negotiating a sale. If the siding is damaged, rusted or rotting, you might have to remove and replace it with vinyl or wood siding. But it may be that all it needs is a fresh paint job. A few gallons and you’re good to go! This goes for the entryways, too, especially the front door. The first thing people see is the gateway to your palace, so it’s a definite must-do if the door needs a refresher.

3. Landscaping, Landscaping, Landscaping

The location of your home matters, of course, but no matter how big or small, it’s the landscaping that draws people’s eyes. The lawn must be kept healthy and maintained. You want buyers — especially those who’ve never lived in this kind of environment — to see how easy it is to do and how nice it looks. Hanging flower baskets, neatly trimmed hedges, and window boxes bring a nice ambiance to manufactured home living.

mobile home skirting mobile home curb appeal

4. Skirting

Exposed structural elements are never pleasant to look at. You can’t make them disappear, but you can hide them. Mobile home skirting looks nice and protects the house from inclement weather and unwanted pests (such as skunks, raccoons, and opossums). And skirting does more than lend mobile home curb appeal. It also can lower your energy bill because it prevents cool or warm air from escaping. Various manufactured home skirting materials from which to choose include vinyl, cinder block, brick, metal and more.

5. The Mailbox

When people drive up to your place, it’s hard not to notice if a mailbox is rusted, dented or is falling off its post. Some home communities have dedicated postal boxes on their sites, but private properties are less stringent. Is the box in good condition? If not, you can find them at hardware stores and sometimes yard sales. But be sure it’s a government-approved mailbox and installed correctly, as per the United States Postal Service rules. 

Will sprucing up your manufactured home cost a few dollars? Of course! However, you should be able to make those expenses back with a higher selling price. Remember, you are selling your mobile home. But you’re also selling the efficiency and charm of living in a mobile home to those who may have never considered it.

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