The Best Mobile Home Flooring Options Today

Mobile home flooring options

There is an urban myth in the mobile home flooring world that you can’t put tiling floors into a mobile home because it can’t handle the weight. However, now that we live in the 2020s, it is safe to say that we have left these kinds of myths behind us. Materials and installation processes have changed dramatically in the last few decades. For your convenience, we have made this short guide to inform you about mobile home flooring options for homeowners.

Hopefully, this article will clear away all the misinformation and misunderstanding you may have about the type of flooring that is adequate for placing into your new mobile home.

The truth about mobile home flooring options

Many professionals and homeowners alike would agree that flooring is the foundation of good design. Apart from this purely aesthetic factor, it is also true that it is the quickest way to transform your home’s interior. 

Of course, that is not to say that it is cheapest or easiest to fix, but if you invest in good quality flooring appropriate for the given room, you can be sure that you will not have to change it for years to come. This is good news for the mobile home industry as well, because now that some materials have significantly improved, there are also various mobile home flooring options for homeowners. 

So, yes, you can put tiles into a mobile home, but there are some things about other materials that you should know before rushing into buying the first thing you see at the hardware store.

Avoid square shapes

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is highly unlikely that your mobile home is perfectly square, which means that you will not be able to use perfectly square walls for your mobile home. The house will likely have to be re-leveled every couple of years, or at the very least, checked to see if it is not too unleveled.

Be aware that your flooring will only settle in the first or second year after you install it. If it does not bind well during that time, it will put stress on the mobile home’s entire structure.


It is essential to pay attention to the subflooring as much as to the type of flooring. Older mobile homes used to have sponge-like subflooring, which would quickly give way to water and eventually ruin the whole structure. So, if you want to put tiles in your bathroom, you have to have the right subflooring to support the tiles. Now that we have addressed this, let us dive into the best mobile home flooring options for homeowners.

Tiles are easy to maintain and can be very appealing

If you prefer tiles, you can definitely use them in your mobile home. You can place them just about anywhere in the house if you want, but it is better if you do not have the tiles crossing the marriage line without adequate subflooring. So, you should put them anywhere where tiles usually ‘belong’ in a typical home – kitchen, bathroom, or perhaps at the entry if you have a spacious mobile home.

mobile home flooring tiles
Tiles can be both durable and easy on the eyes. If you do not mind the cold, tiles are a solid flooring material for your mobile home.

However, you have to be careful when installing them because if your subflooring is subpar, you will probably do more harm than good by placing tiles. The installation is time-consuming and tricky, but the end result is more than worth it because you will have a clean, beautiful room that is easy to maintain. Be sure to avoid any potential damage to the tiles when you are in the process of moving in new furniture into the mobile home, especially if the tiles are fragile or expensive.

Pro tip: We advise that you avoid stone tiles because they can be quite heavy. 

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You can use laminate in your mobile home

If you are familiar with laminate, you probably know it as an affordable flooring option of modest quality. However, just like tiles, laminate has developed over the years. The perhaps drab colors that you typically associate with laminate have remained at a safe distance – in old, funky RVs from the 80s.

Today, you have many colors and designs to choose from. This material is an excellent alternative to other, more pricey options when you are on a budget. Laminate is also convenient because it is extremely easy to clean – just one wipe and your kitchen or bathroom are squeaky clean. However, make sure to buy a thicker laminate because you do not want it to rip easily, which may happen if it is too thin.

Laminate mobile home flooring
Laminate can resemble wood quite well, and it is easy to install on your own.

Carpet as a mobile home flooring option

Naturally, carpet is your trusty friend when it comes to mobile home flooring. Although carpets are convenient and can be used to create a cozy interior, there is more to know about carpets than just which color to choose. So, it does matter what type of carpet you select – quality and durability are important factors that will influence your experience. 

DIY carpet installations can get out of hand, so it might be a better choice to hire a professional to install it. Luckily, many carpet salons offer free professional installation if you buy the material at their store.

Carpet in mobile homes
Placing carpet into your mobile home can provide that nice and cozy, homely vibe.

Wood as a mobile home flooring option

Wood is actually a great flooring option for your mobile home. It is easy to clean, it is very appealing to the eye, it comes in countless colors and types of wood, and it is relatively easy to upkeep. However, wood comes at a price. Do not expect to find wood cheaper than $10 per square foot.

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