Seven Fantastic Resident-Owned Mobile Home Parks in Arizona

If you’re looking for mobile homes in the great state of Arizona, you may come across some that are in resident-owned mobile home parks. In a resident-owned mobile home park, the residents share joint ownership of the property, similar to a co-op house but applied to an entire community. This puts voting and decision-making power into the hands of the residents. 

In Arizona, you’ll find a number of resident-owned mobile home parks that are age-restricted and thus great for retired folks, as well as some that are open to all ages. Here, we’ve highlighted seven fantastic and unique resident-owned mobile home parks that are sure to grab your attention. 

Country Roads – Yuma, AZ

Country Roads in Yuma, AZ is a resident-owned retirement community located away from the hustle and bustle of Arizona’s downtown locales. This community offers many amenities, such as a playground and clubhouse, and gives its residents a quiet, yet scenic lifestyle to look forward to. 

The community has 1,294 sites and is pet-friendly, making Country Roads an ideal resident-owned community for those looking to get away from a more bustling downtown. 

Casa de Francisco – Phoenix, AZ

Casa de Francisco is a great example of an all-ages resident-owned mobile home park in Arizona. With 203 sites and such amenities as a billiards room, top of the line laundry facilities, and storage for RVs and boats, comfort and convenience is the name of the game at Casa de Francisco. 

Additionally, the resident-owned Casa de Francisco contains a swimming pool, allows for some pets, and best of all sits just a few miles from the water, offering an aquatic getaway right by your home. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder why Casa De Francisco is “an oasis in South Phoenix.”

Apollo Village – Peoria, AZ

Looking for a pet-friendly resident-owned community? Apollo Village in Peoria, AZ may be the right fit for you. 

It might not be the only resident-owned community in Arizona for pet owners, but this 55+ community with 236 sites is located just a quarter-mile from the water, making it perfect for walks with your dog. For a more quaint, relaxing type of lifestyle, residents can visit the on-site spa, library, or billiards room. 

Peoria, AZ has often been ranked as one of the top places in the country to retire, and this resident-owned community is just one part of it. 

Voyager RV Resort – Tucson, AZ

Voyager RV Resort in Tucson, AZ is a resident-owned retirement community brimming with amenities. From multiple dedicated courts for basketball, tennis, volleyball, and shuffleboard, to a nearby golf course and spa facilities, Voyager RV Resort offers retirees with the perfect active lifestyle for them. The community has 1,576 sites, with both pet and non-pet sections and gated security offering peace of mind. 

Voyager RV Resort’s resident-owned status makes it one of the largest resident-owned communities in all of Arizona. All of its amenities and conveniences makes this a strong contender for any retiree looking for a new mobile home.

Copper Crest – Tucson, AZ

Copper Crest is a 55+ resident-owned mobile home park in Tucson, AZ, with a plethora of amenities for residents ranging from a horseshoe and shuffleboard court to a library and fitness center. This resident-owned park touts gated security for its residents, offering a quiet and scenic lifestyle for residents settling down after retirement. 

With 357 sites, the vast majority of which are multi-section homes, there is bound to be something for anyone 55+ looking for a mobile home park to call home. 

Comanche Wells Mobile Home Park – Tucson, AZ

Comanche Wells Mobile Home Park in Tucson, AZ, offers its residents a range of single, double, and triple-wide homes for sale from a total of 209 sites. As a resident-owned retirement community, Comanche Wells Mobile Home Park also offers a suite of amenities, such as on-site RV storage and a free car wash facility. 

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly, resident-owned retirement community in Arizona, Comanche Wells Mobile Home Park could be just what you’re looking for. The nearby downtown lifestyle of Tucson offers easy access to dining and entertainment, offering residents the best of both worlds when it comes to both quieter and livelier lifestyles.

Golden Vista RV Resort – Apache Junction, AZ

Golden Vista RV Resort gives its 55+ residents plenty to offer out of a resident-owned community. Located in scenic Apache Junction, AZ, Golden Vista RV Resort boasts a clubhouse, swimming pool, and other highly desired amenities perfect for those looking to find the perfect retirement community.

At a massive 1,075 sites, Golden Vista RV Resort ought to have something for everybody looking to move into this idyllic resident-owned community in Apache Junction, AZ.

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