Mobile Homes as Great Vacation Rentals and Secondary Homes

Vacation Mobile Homes
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Have you been dreaming of making vacation memories in a second home with a scenic view? How about a vacation rental that requires little maintenance and minimal expense? If so, buying a vacation mobile home is an excellent option. 

Manufactured homes have many desirable qualities that make them a great choice for vacation homes and rentals. We’ll explore those qualities here, along with some important considerations when selecting a vacation mobile home. 

Benefits of Vacation Mobile Homes

So, why are manufactured homes so well-suited for vacation homes? The main reasons are:

    • Price: Buying a manufactured home often is substantially less expensive than buying a site-built home. This price difference can mean the ability to own a vacation home for families that otherwise could not afford one.
    • Maintenance and Taxes: Manufactured homes often are much more affordable and easier to maintain than site-built homes, so if you’re on a tight budget, a manufactured home generally will cost you less to keep up. Further, property taxes often are much lower compared with site-built homes.
    • Availability: Manufactured homes can offer a useful way to enter a housing market with low supply and/or high costs.
    • Consistency: HUD-approved manufactured homes are built to a high standard of toughness, assembled indoors away from weather conditions, and rated for specific factors such as wind resistance. Buyers easily can learn about a manufactured home’s weather ratings through the manufactured home data plate located inside the home.
    • Aesthetics and Design: The compact and elegant design of today’s manufactured homes makes for ideal vacation getaways when properly maintained. Plus, many manufactured home models offer attractive aesthetics that renters and vacationers love.
    • Customization: Buying a new, custom-manufactured home allows the buyer to choose from a huge variety of designs and interior schemes — from the floorplan of the home itself to cabinetry and countertops.

    Vacation Rental? Second Home? Or Both?

    For buyers who plan to use their manufactured home as a vacation rental, there are specific advantages:

    Vacation Mobile Home Community - Golf Course
    Photo courtesy of Equity LifeStyle Properties.
    • Amenities: Manufactured home communities in popular tourist destinations often provide amenities that are attractive to travelers. Your stay comes with many perks and conveniences.
    • Location: Most popular tourist destinations have very high real estate costs, especially if you want to be close to the local attractions. Buying a manufactured home will allow you to enjoy the same great location without having to break the bank.
    • Energy and Utility Costs: Since energy and utility costs are much cheaper for manufactured homes, you’ll be able to lower your expenses while on vacation in your second home.

Many mobile home buyers use their vacation mobile homes as a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. If you’re retired or semi-retired, you might be at your vacation property for half the year or even longer. You also might be among the increasing number of Americans who work from home, in which case your vacation mobile home can become an office as well!

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Mobile Home

What should buyers look for when selecting a manufactured home to turn into a vacation home?

A vacation mobile home is a valuable investment, so it’s important to evaluate insurance options for your second home.

When you’re ready to explore financing options for your vacation mobile home, read up on mobile home financing to learn about some of the choices available. Note that some options, such as FHA loans, are only valid for primary residences, but others aren’t as restrictive. Working with a mortgage broker can be helpful in finding the right mortgage for a vacation mobile home. 

Manufactured homes have put the dream of a great vacation home within reach for many Americans. Your perfect vacation mobile home could be waiting at MHVillage, where buyers can search thousands of mobile homes for sale across the U.S. in the country’s largest manufactured home listings site.

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