Community Residents LOVE These Amenities, And You Will Too

Many amenities have become commonplace at manufactured home communities across the country. A few hot amenities are especially popular among community residents. If you’re considering moving to a community, here are a few of the most popular amenities to look for:

Pools and Spas

Resort-style pools and spas are some of the most popular amenities in communities. In warmer states, these year-round pools offer a fun way to swim with the family or relax in the spa for a little bit.

Having an on-site pool in the summertime provides endless entertainment for families, too. Even if you live in a colder state, having a pool during the summertime is a great way to cool off.

Athletic Courts

Athletic courts are one of the biggest draws for retirement communities especially. Whether it’s pickleball, tennis, or shuffleboard, many communities are seeing a spike in demand for these kinds of amenities. They offer a fun and invigorating exercise that you can do with your neighbors. It’s great for making new friends along with some friendly competition!

Communities with athletic courts will vary on which ones they offer. It’s best to check with a community near you if you’re interested in buying a home there. Pickleball, tennis, and shuffleboard aren’t the only kinds of courts you can find in a community. Did you know that some communities even offer golf courses?

Waterfront Views

Do you dream of owning a manufactured home by the lake, waking up to the orange sunrise over the waters? Or do you desire something more vast, being able to walk the ocean’s coastline a stone’s throw from where you live?

Thankfully, some communities offer exactly this kind of experience. Some offer a lake in the heart of the community. Others may have an ocean nearby, perfect for a day at the beach. Either way, it’s not hard to find a community with a waterfront experience. This MHVillager blog post on the most scenic states for mobile homes is a great place to read more about homes with waterfront views.


Looking for a place to gather with some neighbors for a game of cards? Many communities offer clubhouses where residents can come together and spend time indoors.

This is a popular fixture at resort-style communities. They are so popular because they can be used for resident gatherings, and provide a common place for parties and events. If you are a resident and want to use a clubhouse for an event, you may be able to do so.  

The best part is that these buildings can be used in many other different ways. This can be as a welcome center, or as a place for resident events. Some clubhouses even offer small libraries, billiards tables, and other features for residents. Because of their usefulness, many residents desire a clubhouse in their community.

Gated Security

Gated security and a dedicated, staffed community entrance is another popular amenity. In fact, many prospective residents consider this a top priority.

A gated entrance offers peace of mind to residents knowing that their community is safe. And, if a community has quited hours, gated security will help a community enforce those guidelines.

Walking Trails

Many retirement communities have walking trails, which are a great way to stay active. They’re not just for retired folks, either. These trails are fantastic for all ages and promote healthy living during any season.

Are you ready to find a manufactured home community with your favorite amenities? If you are, start your search with MHVillage to find communities near you

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